You are the most important person in your story. If you are excited to start working part time on your fortune, then it is very important that you pay attention to this first exercise as it is going to set your foundation moving forward. People are drawn to stories. Every religion, country or cause was first sparked by a story. So my question for you is what is your story? What did your last chapter say? What is your next chapter going to say? You want to be grounded with two things – your goals and what these goals are in relation to your story. These are going to help others identify you and your cause and draw to you as you share your story going forward. Your goal should not be to go out there to sell a shake. Or sell a tablet. Your goal is to share your story. Here is your goals exercise. Write out 10 to 20 goals are are very important to you. That if you don’t achieve them, that your life will be incomplete. These are non-negotiable goals. Be as specific as possible. Break these goals down into these timeframes: Short term = 1 to 2 years Mid term = 3 to 5 years Long term = 6 to 10 years Write these goals down and share them with your coach / mentor before you move to next step.