Many have approached me that they are so nervous about sharing their story. That they feel inadequate or being judged. To help you with this, please note there are two parts to a story – content and context. Content is the words you speak or write. Context is the frame around these words. To offer and give perspective. Do this exercise. Close your eyes. Visualize where you were the day before you found your coach and Herbalife? The reason why I ask this is to ground yourself to where you were before you began your journey. How you felt? What were your obstacles? Hardships? Circumstances? For example, I felt down, depressed, defeated. Write these feelings down. Do this because the people you are sharing your story to are likely feeling how you felt before. Many are fighting struggles you don’t know about and the way we create safety and transparency for them to share with us is by first sharing our struggles and what we overcame. We connect with people with our story in a tone of compassion from a space of authenticity, sincerity and care. Begin a conversation by asking your friends aspects of their lives. Like how are you the kids? How is the family? etc. When you ask enough questions, they will reciprocate and ask you about your life? Then proceed to share your story.