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In close to 2 decades of coaching, I have worked with professional or elite athletes, NHL, NFL, MLB, NBA, Olympic athletes, amateur athletes and normal Joe’s and Janes. I have compiled all this experience in my program. Please watch this short 15 minute video to get to know me better and why and how I designed my 3 part program.

Personal Support 
Build a personal professional relationship with me, your coach. In accordance with Pareto’s 80/20 Law, your training is only 20% of the answer. The other 80% is your recovery. *see below. So I am not just a trainer who will stand beside you for your 1 hour in the gym. My program is about leveraging the full 100%. A partnership with me.

Strength & Conditioning 
I will personalize a training regimen for you that will begin with a foundation component to establish a strong baseline and loading component for growth. 

This is very important part of my program will include a personalize nutrition or meal plan and yoga. This combination will highlight the recovery and healing phase.  I will combine a starter nutrition pack and teach you how to nourish the cells in your body with clean whole foods and cellular nutrition.

Thank you for taking a leap of faith in yourself and me. I look forward to a healthy and happy  partnership moving forward. Please choose your 30 day starting package below. 

Silver Package

· 24/7 access to me
· On-demand yoga sessions with me from different locations around the world.
· Personalized strength & conditioning program.
· Personalized nutrition plan.
· Cellular Nutrition Pack which includes post workout recovery, micro-nutrient vitamin to fill gaps in your nutrient profile, digestive tonic to maximize absorption. 


Gold Package

Silver Package plus enhanced Nutrition Pack to relief bloating and “belly”. *Recommended for those who have digestive issues or big midsection relative to symmetry.


Platinum Package

Gold Package plus enhanced Nutrition Pack to strengthen joint and ligaments. *Recommended for clients 40 years & older or anyone with joint pains, osteo or arthritis.